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Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement


The Project is located in Seattle (WA) and for the construction of the 2.688 m of tunnel one of the world largest EPB machine has been manufactured (17,48 m). A single bore design, double deck, one for each direction, with two lanes allowing the circulation of both, light cars and heavy trucks, is the solution for this megaproject. The alignment goes 50 m under the sea level at lowest point and under heritage buildings.

The innovative TBM, manufactured in Japan, includes the latest technologies for cutting tools replacement and robotics. Final linning includes a 60 cm thick precast segmental lining, 2 m long and universal mode. Inner diameter is 15,85 m.

World map showing the projects executed
Length: 2.688 m
Excavation diameter: 17,48 m (world record in 2012)
Excavation volume: 646.000 m³
Inner diameter: 15,85 m
Completion year: 2019