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Since its inception, DRAGADOS has been a construction company with a clear maritime vocation. The company is specialized in the design and construction of marine work and has the experience, technology, specialized equipment and personnel necessary for the development of major port infrastructure projects worldwide.

Over the years, DRAGADOS has been praised for the quality of its work on marine and port projects and for its willingness to guarantee contract completion dates on projects that were technically complex and had special construction methodology needs.

Many of them have been performances of great importance for their geographical and climatic conditions, which makes them great examples for reference in the field of maritime works worldwide.

World map showing the countries where building projects have been carried out (Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Morocco, Portugal and Spain among others).

DRAGADOS has taken part in a total of 545 works which can be included in the field of maritime works, classified into the following main types:

  1. 57 Expansion and new port projects
  2. 173 docks and mooring berths, including the manufacture of approximately 3,000 hollow core cellular box reinforced concrete caissons
  3. 17 Vertical breakwaters (new construction)
  4. 60 miles of sloped and rubble mound breakwater
  5. 31 Large port esplanade construction and paving projects
  6. 260,000,000 yd³ of dredging
  7. 93 coastal projects: waterfront areas and beaches
  8. 35 miles of water intake mains and distribution systems
  9. Facility construction for 6 shipyards, including slipways, graving docks and dry docks
  10. 19 Bridges whose foundations, partially or completely located in sea waters, required the application of project- specific construction techniques and methodology
Examine the projects executed
Relevant Facts
Expansion and new port projects: 57
Docks and mooring berths: 173
Vertical breakwaters: 17
Sloped and rubble mound breakwaters: 70
Large port esplanade construction and paving projects: 31
Dredging works exclusively for maintenance or creation of deeper drafts: 38
Works in waterfront areas and beaches: 93
Submarine outfalls and distribution systems: 41
Shipyards: 6
Bridges with foundations in the sea: 19

Most important projects per specialty

Zenithal view of the dyke

Punta Lucero Breakwater - Bilbao, Spain

This project featured a 1.5 mile long breakwater with usable water depths in excess of 110 feet and was the first project completed at the Bilbao Exterior Port (Abra). The slope breakwater, the first of its kind in the Bay of Biscay, is protected
Zenithal view of the floating dock, at the time of the image sawing of the fixed dock

Floating Dock at La Condamine Port - Monaco, Monaco

This floating dock was constructed as a 1,200 ft long, 90 feet wide, and 80 feet high reinforced concrete caisson and designed to allow for the mooring of cruise ships of overall lengths in excess of 660 feet, making it the longest floating dock
Zenithal view of the enlargement of the port, you can see the machines used to develop the enlargement

Port of Hayovel Expansion - Ashdod, Israel

This project included the construction of a 3,800 ft long slope breakwater with a 30 yd³ Antifer concrete block protection as an extension of the existing breakwater, land reclamation to construct a 125 acre esplanade, and 4 million yd3 of
Top view of the harbour enlargement

Port of Gijón Expansion - Gijón, Spain

This project included the construction of a new breakwater, a new dock, and a reclaimed land esplanade. The three-section breakwater includes the 4,700 ft long Dique Torres - a slope breakwater with concrete block protection (weights up to 160 ton