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Our entry into the field of roadway and highway construction dates back to the 1960’s in Spain, when DRAGADOS became a key partner in the expansion of Spain’s roadway infrastructure and toll highway network.

DRAGADOS has constructed all types of road and highway projects around the world. As a result, it has unmatched expertise in all project procurement models and works on projects with design, construction, finance, operation and maintenance components. The list of projects completed around the world includes a large number of interstate highways, major interchanges and perimeter roads, and high-traffic roads in metropolitan areas that require strict traffic maintenance during construction.

World map showing the countries where high speed projects have been realised (North America, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Great Britain, South Africa, Morocco, Portugal and Spain among others).

With over 6,900 miles of road and highway projects completed around the world, DRAGADOS has faced and overcome all types of technical challenges. This acquired knowledge and experience has given us the ability to quickly adapt to the special requirements of major signature projects. In addition, it has positioned the firm as a worldwide authority in the field of heavy civil construction.

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Relevant Data
New Alignment Highways: 3,532
Highway Expansion and conversion to dual carriageways: 1,102
New Alignment Roads: 552
Reconstruction Roads: 1,714
TOTAL 6,900

Most important projects per specialty

Aerial view of Highway 30 in Montreal, Canada

Autoroute 30 - Montreal, Canada

The Autoroute A-30 in Montreal is one of the largest highway projects carried out in Québec and is located between the junction of Highways 20 and 540 in Vaudreuil-Dorion and the intersection of Highway 30 to Highway 138 in Châteaugua

R-2, R-3 and R-5 highways - Madrid, Spain

The project involved the construction of three sections of toll roads - the purpose of this project was to decongest traffic from the existing highways to the Madrid accesses
  • R-3, 21 mile long road, the link between said road an...
Aerial view of the S8 motorway in Logz, Poland

S8 Highway - Łodz, Poland

The work carried out in the Syców - Kępno - Sieradz - A1 included the construction of three segments which were in the vicinity of the city of Łodz. These segments add up to a total of 37 miles of highway with two lanes in each direction
Aerial view of the I-595 motorway in Florida, USA

I-595 Corridor - Florida, USA

This huge complex project is the first Public-Private Partnership in the State of Florida and the largest project in the history of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). This 10.5-mile design/build project was financed