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DRAGADOS has played a major role in the development of the high speed rail (HSR) network in Spain which, with more than 1,900 miles of network, is the second largest in the world. We have constructed more than 620 miles of substructure and 1,550 miles of track for the Spanish HSR network – in addition, we have completed 100 miles of HSR tunnels and numerous HSR stations.

Our involvement in HSR began in 1988. Since then, we have completed 41 major HSR projects and in the last 10 years we have designed and constructed 12 major projects in Spain and France. Our experience in the development and execution of significant HSR and major infrastructure projects has given us a thorough understanding of the preparation, planning, specification and contract requirements that make these huge projects a success.


In the last 10 years, our major HSR projects have included main stations as the Atocha station in Madrid and the Sagrera and Sants stations in Barcelona.

Among the different lines of the Spanish High Speed network implemented by DRAGADOS, including tunneling, viaducts, tracks and electrification, there are a couple that stand out:

  • High Speed Train, Madrid- Barcelona-French Border Line. 350 miles
  • High Speed Train, Madrid-Sevilla Line. 170 miles
  • High Speed Train, Madrid-Valladolid Line. 125 miles
  • High Speed Train, Madrid-Valencia Line. 450 miles

Among the international HS projects carried out by DRAGADOS, we should mention the Figueras-Perpignan line that connects the Spanish High-Speed network with the French one. It includes a 5-mile tunnel, El Pertús, that crosses the Pyrenees under the Spanish-French border.

The first High Speed Rail of the United States, the California HSR System, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, is currently being implemented. DRAGADOD has been awarded the 66 mile long segment from Fresno to Bakersfield.

More important projects by specialty

California HSR. Fresno-Bakersfield - California, United States.
This project is included in the California High Speed Rail System (CAHSR) and consists of approximately 1200 km (745 mi) of high-speed rail – CAHSR will provide intercity travel in California between the major metropolitan centers of Sacrame...
North-Northwest HSR. Lalín-Santiago de Compostela - Galicia, Spain
The Ourense-Santiago line is part of the Corridor Railway North-N...
HSR Corridor Figueras-Perpignan - Gerona, Spain.
The project carried out consists of the construction of a 12 mile long section of the high speed rail trackway civil infrastructure between Figueras and Perpignan – it is a part of the High Speed Corridor Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French bor...
HSR Madrid-Levante. San Isidro-Orihuela - Alicante, Spain.
The project consists of the construction of a 6 mile segment of high-speed rail trackway civil infrastructure as part of the Madrid – Levante high speed rail system, with a double track and a speed of 135 mph. The layout of the rai...