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WATER LINE WWTP Baix Llobregat

Barcelona, Spain

Design and construction of the Baix Llobregat Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP). The WTP has a capacity of 420,000 m3/ day and it was designed to serve a population of 2,275,000 persons. The utilization of treated wastewater brings about important environmental benefits, for it maintains the water flow capacity of the Llobregat River, permits the agricultural irrigation of the zone, and helps conservation of wetlands in the delta area.

Facts of the project
420,000 m3/ day
2,275,000 inhabitants
Pretreatment with 8 lines and a total flow rate of 14.5 m3 / s
12 primary clarifiers
Biological process of activated sludge at half load. 8 lines with nitrification-denitrification
12 secondary clarifiers
Underwater outlet of 3.2 km