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Crossrail C-305

London, United Kingdom

This contract is the largest of the Crossrail projects and part of the biggest construction project in Europe at this time.

It has been constructed twin, concrete lined tunnels using four Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) and mining mainly through London Clay. It have been taken more than 80% lorry journeys off the streets of London by making full use of the river for the transport of: Segments from our manufacturing plant at Chatham Spoil removal, Materials and consumables.

To transport the spoil by river (most of which went to Wallasea Island where a new RSPB nature reserve has being created) it has been designed and built a new 200m, tubular-piled wharf at Instone for spoil removal. The piled structure included dredging for 2,000 tonne ships or 1,000 tonne barges to be moored and loaded at the wharf.

During our time on C305, it has been undertaken a number of minor and major utilities works in the surrounding area. This includes more than 550 m of sewer relining, 145m of water mains replacement, 15 CCTV surveys of NGG gas mains and Thames Water assets. The relining of 145m of water mains at Victoria Docks is the longest in the world.

Facts of the project
Length: 2 x (8200 m + 2.700 m + 900m)
Excavation diameter: 7,10 m
Excavation volume: 934.000 m³
Inner diameter: 6,20 m
Completion year: 2015