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Telefónica City of Communications

Madrid, Spain

This 170,000 m2 office complex is used by 14,000 employees. The project was divided into four areas, each extending from one of the corners of the plot.  Each area comprises three buildings, a 10- story detached building located at the corner, two 5- story buildings tied together by a large canopy, and a two level underground parking. The 50,388 m2 canopy covers the complete project area - leaving an open rectangular section in the center - and portions of the reinforce concrete structure of the 5-story buildings hang from the 8.1 m on a center reinforced concrete girder grid that supports the canopy. The building façade is a two-layer glass curtain wall with 6 m long glass units. Signature buildings located between the four main areas house commercial and restaurant facilities, a gym, a child care center, a medical center, a professional training center, and an auditorium. A 2,500 m2 solar panel system located on the roof produces 2,200 Kw.

Facts of the project
Plot of 168,648 sqm
Floor area of 389,735 sqm, 209,312 sqm above ground. 180,423 sqm and below ground.
14,000 employees
57,000- sqm metal cover
25,000 sqm and 2,200 Kw of solar panels, highest production in Europe in a building
Two- layer glass curtain wall 94,300 sqm.