other important projects

R-2, R-3 and R-5 highways

Madrid, Spain

The project consisted in the construction of three sections of toll roads in order to decongest traffic from the existing highways in the Madrid accesses:

  • R-3, 33.9 km long and the link with the A-3 and the remodeling of the link between it and the M-220.
  • R-5, 30.9 km long, together with the M-50 ring road of 29.3 km between the M-409 and the N-VI.
  • R-2, 80.4 km of total length of highway executed with two or three lanes per direction, along with the M-50 ring road between the A-1 and A-2.

As part of the local mitigation to address quality of life concerns, there are several screened over and under passes, as well as cut and cover tunnels and wildlife crossings. Toll and service areas are also included.

Facts of the project
R2 y M-50 (between R1 y R2) : 80,4 km long. R-2, M-50 y A-1 Bypass. 82 overpasses y 23 underpasses.
R3: 33,9 km long. 2 carriageways of 2 and 3 lanes. 6 interchanges. 3 large viaducts: Vicálvaro (340 m), Jarama River (1.410 m) y Pantueña River (608 m) and 2 minor bridges. 26 overpasses, 25 underpasses, a cut and cover tunnel.
R5: 30,9 km long. 2 carriageways of 2 and 3 lanes. 8 interchanges y 3 viaducts with 400, 280 y 350 m. 27 overpasses, 13 underpasses. 3 toll areas y 2 service areas.