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Autoroute 30

Montreal, Canada

The Autoroute A-30 in Montreal, It is one of the largest highway projects carried out in Québec, and is located between the junction of highways 20 and 540 in Vaudreuil-Dorion to the intersection of the Highway 30 to Highway 138 in Châteauguay, which provides a southern bypass route around the island of Montreal.

This project called for the design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance (DBFOM) of the new 42 km, four-lane western section of Autoroute 30. The project includes six grade separated junctions,  a 2.5 km bridge over the Beauharnois Canal, part of the St. Lawrence Seaway, a 1.8 km bridge over the St. Lawrence River, and a 100 m long tunnel beneath the Soulange Canal.

The Beauharnois Canal Bridge was the most complex and critical structure of the project. It has two separate decks, one for eastbound and one for westbound traffic. The bridge was subject to a very tight schedule and had to be designed so that it could be built in challenging winter weather.

Over land, the concrete deck has 25 spans, the majority of which range between 44.2 m and 45m long. The steel deck consists of 18 spans, with the majority being approximately 82m long and the longest 150 m. To overcome access restrictions Dragados successfully launched the decks from the East abutment over the shipping channel, being one of the longest launch of the world.

Facts of the project
42 km autoroute, four lanes in each direction
6 interchanges
1 tunnel under Canal de Soulanges (230 m)
2 bridges. San Lorenzo river (1860 m) and Beauharnois Canal (2550 m)