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HSR Corridor Figueras-Perpignan

Gerona, Spain.

The project carried out consists in the construction of a section of 18.8 km length of the high speed rail trackway civil infrastructure between Figueras and Perpignan and it is part of the High Speed Corridor Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French border.

This is the previous segment to the Pertus tunnels (8.2 km, also carried out by Dragados) that cross the Pyrenean mountain range allowing the connection between Spain and France by a high speed railway line.

The line has been designed for mixed traffic: passengers and freight. The maximum speed is 290 km / h and the minimum speed of circulation for freight trains is 120 km/h.

In this segment stands out the implementation of 6 large viaducts, 4 of which were built using mobile scaffolding system (MSS). This system allows minimum actions in the crossed valleys resulting in a lower environmental impact.  

Facts of the project
18.8 km of high-speed rail trackway civil infrastructure
290 km/h design speed
6 viaducts, 4 of them built con mobile scaffolding system (MSS), 230, 500, 510 and 630 m of length
2 Cut-and-cover 150 m of length
10 underpasses