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North-Northwest HSR. Lalín-Santiago de Compostela

Galicia, Spain

The Ourense-Santiago line is part of the Corridor Railway North-Northwest High Speed Corridor, which will allow the connection of the Northwest with Central and Northern peninsular via the Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid high speed line.

It connects in Santiago with the Atlantic corridor (Ferrol-A Coruña-Santiago-Pontevedra-Vigo- Portuguese border), also in construction. The completion of the work of improvement and electrification in the stretch of the Atlantic Corridor between Santiago and A Coruña, with a length of 62 km, favored the entry into service, the 10 of December 2011, of the new connection between Ourense and A Coruña, with 150 km of total length.

The segment carried out by Dragados includes the subunits of Silleda (Dornelas) - Vedra (6.9 km) and Vedra-Boqueixon (6.4 km), and includes the construcion of eight tunnels: O Portiño of 600 m, Bascuas of 360 m, O Curro of 840 m, Prado of 290 m, Castro of 475 m, Caldelas of 600 m, O Reboredo of 790 m, and Ardilleiro of 725 m.

Highlights in Silleda the viaduct over the river Ulla of 630 m of length and with a height on the bottom of the valley of approximately 155 m, what means that this viaduct is the highest high speed rail viaduct of the world. The structure has two lateral access with 5 spans on the left side and 4 on the right, a central stretch of 179 m in the area of the river which is solved with a polygonal arch of 168 m span, with 5 vertical piers on it. The typology of the viaduct was adopted to protect the Ulla-Deza River system and thus comply with the requirements of the environmental impact statement. Shares the attention with other two viaducts: the Saramo viaduct of 1,465 m, and the viaduct of Castro of 244 m.  

Facts of the project
13.3 km high-speed rail trackway civil infrastructure
350 Km/h Design speed
8 tunnels of between 240 and 810 m of length
1 viaduct 630 m long over the Ulla River with a concrete arch of 168 m span
2 viaducts 1465 y 244 m of length
4 overpasses
1 underpass