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Banco Popular New Headquarters

Madrid, Spain

The building occupies a built-up area of 1,200,000 ft² for office use and more than 215,000 ft² for services, with 1,600 parking spaces in a four-story underground car park.

It consists of 4 large office blocks joined together by the roof floors and the floors below ground level. The base and crowning of the building serve as elements to grant visual unity, allowing for the interpretation of the whole set of buildings as one single element. The underground structure occupies the entire plot. These floors are dedicated to the uses of parking, access and control. The solution consists on pre-stressed reinforced slabs.

Four office modules of six floors each with reinforced concrete structures are raised above ground level. At one end there is also a module corresponding to the commercial area. Above ground, the slabs were made with 12 in thick post-tensioned slabs, with spans of 35 ft.

Large metal lattices have been placed on the roof floor. From these lattices the areas of mixed
decking slabs of the penultimate floor are suspended. Part of these lattices constitute the bridges connecting the office modules together. The lifting of these bridges from the ground was performed by means of hydraulic jacks and is one of the most important challenges in the execution of this building, given the space constraints which conditioned the collection of materials and the auxiliary means to be used in operations requiring very high precision.

The supports of the structure are mainly reinforced concrete, except for some mixed support in the lower floors and the metallic supports of the facade. Coinciding with the vertical communications facilities of the office modules, the concrete walls that constitute the resistant cores have been executed to endure horizontal actions (wind and uneven earth pressure).

Facts of the project
Four office blocks of 1,200,000 ft² and 215,000 ft² for other services.
1,600 parking spaces in four-storey underground car park.
Structure of large metal trusses in the building crowning that unite the four blocks of offices, giving a unitary character to the entire architectural ensemble.
Lifting of bridge trusses between buildings using hydraulic jacks.
CONCRETE SCREED: 265,000 ft²
M2 CONCRETE SLABS: 1,400,000 sq.ft
Post-tensioned slabs: 497,000 ft² with 35 ft spans
Reinforced concrete slabs: 790,000 ft²
Mixed decking slabs: 54,000 ft²
STRUCTURAL STEEL: 8,900,000 lb
WATERPROOFING: 437,000 ft²
Execution time of structure 17 months