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New Port In Ferrol

La Coruña, Spain

The new harbour is protected by a rubble mound breakwater 1.105 m long, reaching depths till -33 m and armoured by blocks till 90 t. It is projected a crown wall with top at +18 m. perpendicular to the breakwater there is a dock 95 m long designed with a vertical solution with caissons. Similar to this dock it has been built a new quay 858 m long and with a 20 m draft executed with caissons 15,85 m wide.

Finally the reclamation area is finished with top at +7,00 m, with a closing slope protected by 5 t rock.  

Facts of the project
Breakwater: 1.105 m
Quay: 858 m
Quarry material: 5.500.000 t quarry run and rocks
Blocks: 282.000 m3 of concrete
Caissons: 35
Filling: 9.461.000 m3