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Port Facilities at Punta Langosteira

La Coruña, Spain

The work consists of a 2 miles long rubble-mound breakwater with a protective mantle formed by 165-ton blocks and head formed by blocks of high density of up to 215 ton. The crest wall crown is at a height of 82 feet. This is a unique breakwater, not only because of the depth reached (130 feet) but also due to the severe maritime climate in the area, there is a wave height design (Hs) of 50 feet (140 year calculation).

The works also consist of the execution of a 0.3 mile long T-shaped structure made up of 12 caissons, the first phase of a 0.3 mile sloping breakwater and a 0.6 mile long dock for dry bulk made up of 23 caissons, which are 53 feet wide at the shaft. A 360 acre reclaimed land esplanade is also constructed and the resulting sheltered water area is 570 acre.

Facts of the project
Length: 2 miles rubble- mound breakwater
Draft: up to 130 ft
1,455 ft T- Shaped structure made up of 12 caissons
Protective mantle: 215 tons blocks
Dock: 3,000 ft with 18 caissons
Reclaimed land esplanade: 360 acres
Quarry material: 42,000,000 yd³
Concrete: 5,000,000 yd³
Fillings: 17,000,000 yd³