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Port of Gijón Expansion

Gijón, Spain

The project included the construction of a new breakwater, a new dock, and a reclaimed land esplanade. The three-section breakwater includes the 1,433 m long Dique Torres - a slope breakwater with concrete block protection (weights up to 145 ton), the 1,669 m long Dique Norte - a vertical face hollow core cellular box concrete caisson breakwater comprised of 33, 32-m wide, 32-m high caissons, and a 1,115 m long slope counter- dike with 90 ton concrete block protection. The new Muelle Norte (North Dock) is 1,365 m long and is made of 41 high hollow core cellular box concrete caissons, 18.8 m wide, 29.45 m high. The new 140 HA land reclaimed esplanade necessitated more than 30 million m3 of fill. The project also provided a 145 HA bay with sheltered waters.

Facts of the project
Length: 1,433 m slope breakwater (Dique Torres)
Length: 1,669 m vertical breakwater (Dique Norte)
Dock: 1,365 m con 41 hollow core cellular box caissons
Protection layer: 145 ton to 200 ton blocks up to 200 ton
Hollow core cellular box caissons: 33 for vertical face breakwater (Length: 51.80 m; Height: 32 m)
Concrete: 2 million m3 for blocks and hollow core cellular box caissons
Dredging: 21.6 million m3
Fill: 28.6 million m3