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Port of Hayovel Expansion

Ashdod, Israel

The project included the construction of a 1,150 m long slope breakwater with 16 m3 Antifer concrete block protection as an extension of the existing breakwater, land reclamation to construct a 50 HA esplanade, and 3.2 million m3 of dredging. The project also included the construction of five new docks of different types for a total length of 1,700 m (open dock with cofferdam tied to back-wall with rubble mound protection to reduce reflection; closed dock with tied cofferdam; tied cofferdam with interior pile section and energy dissipation slope; cylindrical caisson dock; and hollow core cellular cell box caisson dock).

Facts of the project
Breakwater Length: 1,150 m
Reclaimed Land Esplanade: 50 HA
Dredging: 3.2 million m3
Docks: 1,700 m (varied types) with 14- m drafts