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Floating Dock at La Condamine Port

Monaco, Monaco

This floating dock was constructed as a 352,75 m- long, 28 m- wide, and 24.5 m- high reinforced concrete caisson and designed to allow for the mooring of cruise ships of overall length in excess of 200 m, making it the longest floating dock in the World. This double- hull structure was constructed on land at the Crinavis (Algeciras) protected bay and towed by sea to its final destination in Monaco. A 650- ton steel hinge provides the connection with land and the movement of the dock is controlled by 8 chains in tension anchored to piles driven into the bottom of the sea.

Facts of the project
Displacement: 165,000 ton
Caisson Length: 352.75 m
Caisson Width: 28 m
Caisson Height: 24.5 m
Towing Distance: 800 millas
Concrete Volume: 45,000 m3
Reinforcing Steel: 12,500 ton (active and passive Steel)
Hinge: 650 ton
Anchorage: 8 chains in tension with a total weight of 1,000 tons anchored to 35 m long steel piles driven into the bottom of the sea