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Punta Lucero Breakwater

Bilbao, Spain

A 2,444 m long breakwater with usable water depths in excess of 33 m, this was the first project completed at the Bilbao Exterior Port (Abra). The slope breakwater, the first of its kind in the Bay of Biscay, is protected by concrete blocks, some weighting as much as 85 tons, and its head consists of three 31 m- high, hollow- core cellular box reinforced concrete caissons. Construction of the breakwater required 20 million tons of material from a borrow pit operated by DRAGADOS. The project also included the construction of two mooring berths for large oil tankers.

Facts of the project
Length: 2,444 m
Draft: up to 33 m
Head consisting of 3 caissons
Protection layer: blocks 85 tons
Quarry material: 20 million tons