One of the many consequences of social evolution that have emerged in recent decades has been the surge of the "Sustainable Development Concept", which is seen as a commitment to reaching a balance between the use of natural resources and the preservation of the natural environment.

The “water resource” issue is probably one of the most seriously affected by this concept.  A proposed solution to this major concern, which includes the commitment to balance, is specified in a three-stage cycle that addresses Supply, Purification, and Reuse and Re-allocation to the Receptor.

Current knowledge and technologies guarantee a water product responsive to the demands of each of the noted three stages.

At DRAGADOS, we have been sensitive to, and involved with, this work since our inception as a company, and both our history and our experience have taken us to to today’s unquestionable leading position on this issue.

Proof of this leading role are the more than 200 facilities that DRAGADOS has designed, built, launched and operated, which today serve a total population in excess of 10 million  people.

DRAGADOS has consolidated, specific departments whose specialized personnel develop, monitor and implement, as needed, the most appropriate solution to every situation.

Drinking water treatment (DWT's)::
Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP's)::

Most important projects by Specialty

WATER LINE WWTP Baix Llobregat - Barcelona, Spain

Design and construction of the Baix Llobregat Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP). The WTP has a capacity of 420,000 m3/ day and it was designed to serve a population of 2,275,000 persons. The utilization of treated wastewater brings about important ... view »

Expansion of the Arroyo Miel WWTP - Benalmádena - Spain

Design and construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant for 275,000 inhabitants with a capacity of 40,000 m3/ day. The wastewater treatment plant is located inside a major and sensitive seaside tourist location. This required the selection of a biol... view »

Almoguera-Algodor DWT - Madrid - Spain

Design and construction of a potable water treatment and distribution plant to serve various communities in the south of Madrid. The sulfate content of the water coming into the Plant from the Entrepenas and Buendia reservoirs exceeds the maximum ... view »

La Gavia WWTP - Madrid, Spain

Design and construction of a wastewater collection and treatment system for the Southeast area of Madrid, including the design and construction of a 172,800 m3/ day wastewater treatment plant to serve a population equivalent to 950,000 inhabitants... view »