DRAGADOS is a world leader in the development of water-related projects, having built over 250 dams and Hydroelectric Power- Generation Plants all over the world, in fifteen countries and four continents.

The company is internationally renowned for the implementation of the latest specialized technologies in the construction of dam and water projects.

Through the years, Dragados has contributed to the wellbeing of hundreds of communities around the world, vastly improving power production, water supply and irrigation and flood-control systems, and fostering significant environmental improvements.

DRAGADOS has built dams of different types and materials. Vibrated Concrete Dams, including Gravity, Buttress, Arch Gravity, and Double Arch dams; Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams, including Gravity RCC and Arch Gravity RCC; and, Embankment Dams, including Homogeneous Soil Dams, Earthfill and Rockfill Dams, AsphaltFace Earthfill/Rockfill Dams, and ConcreteFace Earthfill/Rockfill Dams.

DRAGADOS has also extensive experience in the construction of hydroelectric power plants, thermal and nuclear power plants, pumping stations, irrigation ponds, and stormwater tanks. The company has built hundreds of miles of waterways, including water tunnels and aqueducts, irrigation and water supply networks, sewerage systems, power station cooling systems, and pipelines.

DRAGADOS have also worked on Environmental projects, such as waterway improvements and river restoration in urban areas.

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Most important projects by Specialty

Calaveras Dam - California, USA

The Calaveras Dam will be one of the largest dams built in the State of California within the last 30 years. It will replace the existing dam, which has been operating since 1925. The new dam will be 67 m high, with a length at crest of 370 m and ... view »

Portugues Dam - Puerto Rico, USA

The project included the construction of a roller-compacted concrete (RCC) thick-arch dam in the city of Ponce, in Puerto Rico. The dam is 67 m high and 375 m long at the crest; it features an integral ski-jump spillway, and has a volume of 290,00... view »

Caruachi Dam and HPP - Guayana, Venezuela

The Caruachi Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Caroni River (Guayana, Venezuela) is a 74- m high gravity concrete dam, and it has a length at crest of 809 meters. The dam has a structural volume of 1,700,000 m3 and a spillway capacity of 30... view »

Beni- Haroun Dam - Mila, Constantina - Argelia

The Beni - Haroun Dam, located on the El- Kebir River, in Mila, Algiers, some 70 km  west of Constantina, is a rectilinear RCC gravity dam 118 meters high with a length at crest of 714 meters and an impounding capacity of 963 hm3. It was the ... view »