Health and Safety

Occupational Risk Prevention is one of DRAGADOS’ strategic cornerstones. The company is committed to achieving the highest standards in this area and becoming a leader in protecting the health and safety not only of its employees, but also of its suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies.

The main challenge, for all areas of operation, is to design and implement a Health and Safety Service which meets our expectations. The company also considers it essential to strengthen its commitment to a preventive culture and to integrating and optimizing resources.
Thanks to the individual commitment of all employees and the involvement of suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies, DRAGADOS continuously advances in building the culture of prevention desired, moving closer to its ultimate goal of achieving a zero accident rate.
DRAGADOS’ Health and Safety policy does not merely respect the different regulations on Occupational Risk Prevention and Health and Safety governing in the countries where it develops its activities, but also actively promotes integration of Occupational Risk Prevention within the company strategy by means of advanced practices, training and information.
DRAGADOS and all the companies in the ACS Group share common principles in the management of their employees’ health and safety. These principles are as follows:

  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations on occupational risk prevention and with other voluntarily observed requirements.
  • Integration of any preventive action in the whole of the activities and at all levels, based on a correct planning and implementation of such preventive action.
  • Adoption of any measures necessary to ensure the protection and welfare of employees.
  • Achieving continuous improvement of the system, by means of adequate training actions and information regarding prevention.
  • Qualification of personnel and use of technological innovation.