The fundamental pillars that govern the activity of DRAGADOS are supported by the corporate values of the organization, its corporate culture and the professional ethics of its employees and executives.

DRAGADOS maintains an uncompromising commitment to sustainable development, serving the society in an efficient and ethically responsible manner through its ability to generate value for the company and all its stakeholders, demanding the highest standards of integrity among its employees and associates.

All activities of Dragados Group have a strong customer focus, a sense of service and aim to guarantee the future, developing a solid long-term relationship of trust based on mutual knowledge.

The flexible and decentralized organization fosters responsibility and initiative among the employees, and it is a basic tool to generate maximum profitability and promote the excellence needed to provide the best services and products to our customers.

These values, which have been part of the culture of the Dragados Group since its beginnings, have generated the main competitive advantages which are the base of the past, present and future growth.