Corporate responsibility

DRAGADOS adopts the corporate commitments of the ACS group as part of our business model:

  • Commitment to the Social Setting

DRAGADOS acknowledges its responsibility in generating value for the communities in which it operates. As a large civil infrastructure company, Dragados is committed to the creation of job quality, diversity in the workforce, a safe and ethical work environment as well as to the economic growth and social expansion of the markets it serves.

  • Commitment with the Natural Environment

DRAGADOS is committed to sustainable development at all levels in its projects. Our designs and projects acknowledge environmental externalities in their development and seek to minimize costs in the short and long term. The growing risk of climate change, the reduction in biodiversity and the efficient use of resources are among the fundamental values of the business model of DRAGADOS.

  • Commitment with Value Creation

The return of long-term value of DRAGADOS acknowledges that it must include not only its shareholders, but also the clients, employees and communities. With a view to creating value for the future, Dragados is committed to meeting the needs of all of its partners.

  • Commitment with Integrity

DRAGADOS is committed to conducting business throughout all of its operations with the highest regard for legal compliance and ethics. The company and its employees operate with complete transparency and integrity in their relationships with clients and suppliers, as the basis of its business model.

  • Commitment with Technological Development

DRAGADOS global positioning is a direct result of its commitment to technological innovation, meeting the needs of customers with dynamic and creative solutions. At the cutting edge of infrastructure development, Dragados sets the standard for finding new and better ways to do business and meet the needs of its customers, promoting the technical and technological development through its R&D Department and the sustainability of the Group's activities.