Our people


DRAGADOS’ success is based on the capacity and quality of its people, them being one of its main competitive advantages. For this reason Dragados is committed to continuously improve their skills, abilities, ethical commitment and motivation, always with the utmost attention to working conditions and safety.

In short, Dragados directs the talents of individuals who work in the company towards achieving results, technical training, commitment, innovation, specialization and a spirit of customer service.


This is why, we have teams of professionals:

  • With strong values.
  • Committed with the outcome of the company, business-minded and fully qualified to face continuing challenges.
  • With responsibility, initiative and capable of providing solutions to the team.
  • With the ability to adapt functionally and geographically.

DRAGADOS has a distinct social vocation of commitment to underprivileged groups and particularly the disabled.
Beyond the legal framework provided for this purpose and additionally, Dragados works with organizations on the work placement of groups in exclusion, providing opportunities for underprivileged individuals.