Training and professional development

DRAGADOS offers continuing training and skills development programs, aimed at:

  • Disseminating the values and culture of the company.
  • Introducing the different management systems.
  • Covering the training needs of employees.

Training plans aim to meet the training needs of the staff, for a better performance of their work and for their professional and personal development.

This is why it has different tools to manage the development of human capital, such as online training platforms and agreements with training centers so that each of the tools is adapted to the different skills profiles according to the training needs.

DRAGADOS manages its professionals’ development independently, adapting their needs and the specific characteristics of their activity.DRAGADOS adopts competency management models for the improvement of knowledge and personal skills, and uses training as a tool to achieve the ideal of work performance.

Specifically, at DRAGADOS, courses are taught in areas related to the following (among others):

  • Health and Safety at work.
  • Training for management staff.
  • Technological specialization in management and production systems.
  • Knowledge of products and services developed.
  • Policies on quality and environment.