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Madrid Subway

Madrid, Spain

From 1995 to 2011, Metro de Madrid has built over 165 km of new track, including 168 new station. This work has required the use of 31 Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). This is the largest Subway expansion ever. Of those 165 new km, 76 have been executed by Dragados, of which 61 km have been with TBM, more than 8 km by Cut & Cover, more than two with Belgian method and 4 km from stations executed with C & C and mechanical excavation.

 Lines expanded:

  • Line 1: Miguel Hernandez-Congosto;
  • Line 4: Esperanza-Mar de Cristal; Mar de Cristal-Parque de Sta. María; Parque de Sta. María-Gran Vía de Hortaleza
  • Line 7: M40-Coslada; Coslada-San Fernando
  • Line 8: Nuevos Ministerios-Mar de Cristal; Mar de Cristal-Campo de las Naciones; Campo de las Naciones-Barajas
  • Línea 9: Pavones-Vicálvaro
  • Line 10: Lago-Príncipe Pío; Cuatro Vientos-Alcorcón
  • Line 11: Plaza Elíptica-Pan Bendito; Pan Bendito Carabanchel; La Peseta-La Fortuna
  • Metrosur: Getafe-Leganés; Leganés-Móstoles

Facts of the project
Length: 61 km
Excavation diameter: 9,38 m (EPB twin track single tube)
Excavation volume: 4,2 MMm3
Completion year: 2011
Inner diameter: 8,43 m